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Climate Tech Stories and the Average Joe: with CEO of BOL Foods, Paul Brown.

Climate tech stories and the average Joe- the climate tech podcast that connects with investors, generators and businesses behind 100% renewable energy. Come get excited about the incredible work going on to protect and preserve our planet and listen to the human stories behind the climate tech movement. Each episode Joe McDonald (founder of tem. The renewable energy marketplace) talks with leaders, investors, generators and businesses who are putting their heart and soul into creating a positive future for us all.

the future of renewable energy trading

There’s a lot about the energy market that doesn't sit right with us. Why are so many intermediaries involved in energy transactions? Why, when renewable energy is a “free” resource, is it traded in the same way as fossil fuel commodities like oil, coal and gas? Why can't sellers and buyers know exactly where their energy is going to and coming from? Why do businesses only have one option (traditional utilities) when it comes to buying and selling energy? Why have we seen so much development in financial trading, whilst power trading remains largely unchanged for the last 30 years? Why do trading desks continue to make huge profits whilst volatile costs are passed through to end users?

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