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from business perspective:

Yes, everything you read on our website is applicable for businesses buying energy as well as renewable generators selling energy (or even if you do both!)

It can be overwhelming to navigate the energy markets with so many companies promising “best price”. Ultimately the price difference between quotes from traditional utilities tends to be quite small (1-3%) and yet weekly market price movements can have a much bigger impact on your price (10%+)! One way to ensure that you're getting the best deal is to choose a company that can intelligently track the market and provide real-time market pricing (a very rare thing in the energy industry)!

Also with an increasing amount of non-traditional pricing options becoming available it is really important to keep your finger on the pulse - not an easy thing to do whilst trying to run your business. Also don’t forget that time spent dealing with bad customer service or poor insights from your utility can completely outweigh upfront price benefits so make sure this factors into your decision. tem. creates a unique direct transaction method that continuously searches for direct matches between businesses and renewable generators and can offer prices that are 5-10% better than any traditional utilities.

Whether coming to us directly or through your energy broker, we bring you real-time market pricing combined with a new standard in customer experience. In other words, we've got the best bang for your buck - but of course, we would say that!

Don't wait until the last minute to start searching for the best deal on your next energy contract. The earlier you start, the more options you'll have and the better your chances of finding a great deal. Our platform is available for free anytime, so you can start using it to get insights into your energy usage, track market prices, and even plan for your next contract. At tem. accessibility is one of our core values, so we want to make sure you have all the information you need to make a smart decision on your next contract.

To make sure that your energy usage is as environmentally friendly as possible, it's important to track where it comes from and when it's generated. This helps you avoid using energy from non-renewable sources like fossil fuels, and reduces the chance of being misled by "greenwashing" claims about the environmental impact of your energy. It's worth noting that the renewable energy industry is still developing, and there may be some uncertainty around what it means to use 100% renewable energy.

By staying informed about your energy sources, you can make more informed decisions about your energy usage and do your part to protect the planet. At tem. we promise transparency. That's why you won't see any green branding - we believe that educating our customers about what it really means to use 100% renewable energy is more important than making empty promises. We believe that the most straightforward way to support renewable energy is to directly fund renewable generation projects with the money that businesses pay for their energy. This not only helps increase the profits of those projects but also supports the growth of the renewable energy industry.

Take a look at our “green” tier list below:

  • 100% physical renewable energy from local or co-located projects (difficult to achieve for most businesses)

  • 24/7 direct renewable energy match (wind, hydro, solar)

  • 24/7 direct renewable energy match (biogas, biomass)

  • 24/7 hourly certificate matched renewable energy

  • Annualised volume-based guarantee of origin certificates

  • Annualised volume based European renewable certificates

  • Utility Portfolio volume-based certificates

  • Take as made (general UK energy mix matched)

tem. ensures that 24/7 you know exactly what category you fall into, with the aim of bringing all customers to the highest form of green energy supply.

To you we simply perform the role of a traditional utility but with a new and improved look and feel. However, using our technology platform we have reimagined nearly every part of the traditional utility transaction and management process. When you start your journey with us, our data engine will use your information to find the best possible matches for your business or generator. These matches could include directly with our amazing community portfolio, traditional utility matches, or even unique financial institutions. We keep it really simple and provide the best 1-3 options for your next contract. You will always be contracting directly with us and use our platform as the single touch point for all your post-transaction invoicing, payments, insights and customer management. Think of having even more power and opportunity than Google’s or Amazon’s energy procurement team but made available to you in minutes, in one simple platform and with no upfront cost!
We know you want to get your hands on our product, and so do we! We've been blown away by the interest in tem. and we're working hard to bring it to thousands of businesses in 2023. Right now, most of our customers are able to get their hands on it within 1-2 weeks of joining our waitlist. But in order to provide you with the best experience possible, we are letting in customers gradually during our launch. We know that the exclusivity created by our waiting list is in conflict with our value of accessibility but ultimately it means we build a better experience for all customers over the next 10 years.
Just like with a traditional utility, we handle all of your billing and payments on a monthly basis. You'll receive a monthly bill from us which you can access through your dashboard. This bill will arrive a week after the end of the month, as we need some time to double-check that everything is correct and up to date. In the meantime we provide you with live updates and insights into your current + future estimated costs and usage. Generally we know that billing issues are the worst and so want to set a new standard for all our customers.
At tem. we use the latest in finTech to offer a range of flexible payment options: Faster payments (open banking) - you will receive a link per invoice to make a seamless payment without having the burden of a direct debit on your business. Bank transfer - if you prefer to make a traditional bank transfer then our details will be available on each invoice with a reference number. Direct Debits - simple, no-effort monthly payments directly to us. We know it's not the most cost-effective for customers and is notorious for reconciliation issues but we want to provide you with as many options as possible to suit your needs VRP, Deferred or Daily, International and Crypto - all on the way!

We believe energy bills should be simple, accurate and linked to a real actionable insight that can help improve your business. We offer a customer-centered experience that is heavily invested in this vision and will continue to do so, with the goal of making people love their energy. On your bill you can find each item which will correspond directly to a charge on your tariff - this will form a contract whether this is a fixed unit charge, a daily charge or a monthly charge. We want to help you understand everything that's going on with your bill. If there's anything that's unclear or you'd like an explanation for, then just let us know and we'll be happy to help.

You will see some of the biggest companies on earth (Google, Amazon, Patagonia etc.) talking about knowing the true origin of where their energy comes from for every hour of the day. This obviously has great brand and CSR benefits as it becomes more and more important to move away from greenwashing based “100% renewable energy” claims. However on top of the price benefits of direct matching there can also be real financial benefits of being able to disclose exactly where your energy comes from (B-corp, ESG and other regulatory benefits) - we enable these benefits to become accessible to the 99% not just 1% of businesses.

Our direct matches cut out a significant amount of market participants today and this leads to huge savings on traditional transaction costs. This allows us to provide improved customer pricing (compared to traditional utilities) whilst taking a share of this saving that provides us with a sustainable fee to run our business.

All our profit goes directly back into providing the best customer experience and growing our community. For all our transactions we charge a transparent monthly fixed subscription fee for all the necessary ongoing invoicing, reporting, insights, payment and risk management that we provide after matching our customers. Also, all our initial matching services are provided for free so there is nothing stopping you from taking a look!

You can contact tem. directly or through your energy broker to get started. To easily see more of what it’s like to be a tem. customer and begin to receive and track pricing, you can use our platform for free. Alternatively, you can simply ask your energy broker to include a price from tem. in your next tender. Whatever works best for you!

No - we are not classed as a utility by Ofgem and have chosen not hold a supply licence in the UK. We believe that for our model to have maximum impact across the world we need to stay above individual market integration (think Neo-banks like Revolut etc).

We use our amazing traditional utility partners to provide us with the necessary market integrations and this allows us to provide our unique pricing, contracting, billing and service levels directly with our customers without being exposed to the downsides that often slows down innovation in energy markets.

We like to think of ourselves as a “Virtual Utility” - on the outside we serve our customers exactly as their utility does today but with an entirely reimagined platform and technology powering our improved experiences and pricing.

No, we do not provide third party tendering services across UK suppliers and all our customers directly contract with us as their Virtual Utility. In fact we already work with some of the leading brokers in the country and provide their customers with our unique and competitive pricing - make sure to ask yours if they are using us!
As of today yes but we will be expanding into the US, Australia and parts of Europe very soon so let us know if your business is present in these markets and we will let you know more!

Our mission is to make the renewable energy transition accessible for all. That is why our businesses pay 8x less in transaction fees when buying from renewables rather than fossil fuel generation. In our world, no one should get left behind - we lead on price as well as being better for the planet.

say hello to better business energy and start your journey with us today.