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who do we work with?

we work with all businesses and renewable generators. here are some current communities who use tem.

food manufacturing

11% of all energy consumption in the UK is from food manufacturers - we know that the food industry must have access to renewable energy. We have teamed up with brewers, plant-based manufacturers and farmers to reduce their energy costs and preserve our planet.


Through tem. schools can reduce their energy expenses by up to 12%! Not only can schools reinvest this money in education, but it also allows teachers to teach children about how we can preserve our planet. Let‘s lead by example and encourage our children to create a green future.

recycling industries

As a leader in recycling, the UK is committed to protecting the environment and maximizing the use of resources. However, the recycling process can be energy-intensive and costly for businesses. At tem. we're all about finding ways to make recycling as painless as possible. We want to help UK businesses save money and do their part for the environment, so we're dedicated to increasing the renewable trace of the recycling process and reducing costs.

renewable energy generators

At tem. we focus on providing affordable and renewable energy through a simple solution: renewable generators. Wind, solar, hydro, biogas and biomass generators come in all shapes and sizes, we give them space to plug into so your business can access reliable, clean power.


The UK is home to many innovative breweries that produce unique and flavorful beers, from Bobby Scotland to Cornwall!  These breweries contribute to the country's thriving culture of craft beer and provide employment opportunities that contribute to the economy. We are really excited about being able to support these breweries to ensure their energy is clean and renewable.

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