Move over Big Energy

There’s a new direct way to power
your business.


We’re helping businesses like you buy 100% renewable energy, without heavy compromise or cost. All by going direct.

renewable energy direct™

The affordable, traceable, smartest way to buy renewable energy.


£3.5 million

transaction costs saved

3,134 tons

carbon emissions removed

24hrs or less

time to quote

Bypass Big Energy and Big Energy prices, and power the energy transition from your doorstep.

Lighter bills with RED™

Reduce those Big Energy fees and save on average 25% every month. You will also be putting money back into the pockets of hard-working renewable generators every time.

Simpler with red™

From day to day usage to payments and insights, we cover everything you need in one fully managed platform.

100% TRACEABLE with red™

Know exactly where your energy comes from, down to the minute, site and human. Greater accountability and better sleep at night.


Move onto RED

Complete your tem. profile in less than 2 minutes and unlock your personalised quote.


Here’s to the good people making it happen and trusting us on the journey.

Smile PlasticsAdam

“We were one of the first customers at tem. Their support, customer service and insight to how my business can run on renewable energy has been a really exciting partnership.”

Billings GroupLucy

“When tem launched their RED product we could quickly see the fixed opportunity and how it was considerably above the market by some 15%. We’ve now also placed import supply with tem.”

HB CommercialOliver

“Choosing an electricity supplier who gives us access to renewable energy is key for our strategy. With tem, we are confident that they are sourcing and providing us with renewable energy that is fully traceable.”

Forthar FarmsRichard

"I chose tem. to manage my renewable generation as, simply, they were better priced. This week we have given our import MPANs to them to price and we’ve seen even more savings from the tenders that we run.”


“Working with tem, we are now paying less for fully traceable renewable energy, while putting more money back into the pockets of generators, hugely helping our business reduce its carbon footprint.”

our one big mission

Create a world where anyone can access the renewable energy they need forever.

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Generators, let’s MAKE it together.

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